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Every hour a vessel is not drilling, revenues are being significantly impacted. In these cases, Global Onsite can bring their expertise to remote locations and conduct their work aboard the vessel at sea. This enables rig owners to focus on the drilling job at hand, while Global Onsite handles the documentation and replacement of required hydraulic hose assemblies.

Global Onsite will provide:

•Hose Assembly Container

•Pressure Test Container

•Flushing Container

•Piping Container

•Fittings Container



Hose Assembly Container

•Production of hoses up to 4”

•High volume production 

•DNV Offshore certified containers

•DNV M.E.D. and ABS approved hose fabrication


•20Ft DNV 2.7-1 CSC Lloyds Offshore certified container

•Flushing medium mineral hydraulic oil

•Flow (flushing) 3000 l/min. 75 bar adjustable

•Pressure testing 630 bar

•6 Electric motors 400 V 50Hz / 480 V 60Hz

•Particle counter

•Pressure Filters 2 – 10 micron

•Return Filters 2 – 20 micron

 •Tank capacity 6000L

Pressure Test Container

•Test pressure up to 1300 BAR by using water! No risk for oil spill or leaks!

•Pressure test up to 200 hose assemblies in a single test

•AIR Compressor (600L / 10 BAR).

•DNVGL Offshore certified container

•DNVGL, M.E.D. and ABS approved hose fabrication.

global onsite container holstered

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